The Choice VR

The Choice is a virtual reality documentary experience inviting you to enter the digital consciousness of a virtual person dealing with an unplanned pregnancy.

Debias VR

We leverage the unique capability of Virtual Reality to provide effective bias trainings through the power of evidence-based gameplay.

Equal Reality

We use Virtual Reality training allowing you to see from the point-of-view of others, including those of a different gender, race, or ability-level.


VR First is a global program designed to enable creators, companies, and governments interested in exploring the power and potential of immersive technologies.


Emblematic is one of the world's foremost producers of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality.

XR Portal

XR Portal is a search engine for educational content that is in 360° video, virtual reality or augmented reality

Axon Park

Axon Park is a virtual campus focused on equalizing access to higher education through XR and AI. Empowering people to learn together from anywhere.