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XR Mentorship Program

12-Week Program for Creators in Africa

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From Cohort 1 – Q4 2023

Discover the innovative Virtual Reality projects created by participants of the Africa XR Creator Program — Cohort 1. Over three months, these aspiring XR professionals engaged in weekly collaborative sessions and mentorship from industry experts, balancing this intensive learning with their regular work commitments.

The final demo day projects showcase their creativity, technical skills, and the growth they achieved throughout the program.

Program Overview

The XRI Mentorship Program Africa, commencing August 21, 2023, is a transformative 12-week journey for up-and-coming African creators to enhance their VR/AR skills, receive industry guidance, collaborate on team projects, and ultimately present their work on Demo Day, supporting their entrance into the VR and AR industry.

Program Highlights

Application Deadline: Final date (announced soon)

Selection Notification: Final date (announced soon)

Program Cost: Free

Program Start Date: Final date (announced soon)

Program End Date: Final date (announced soon)

Meeting Schedule: 12 total team meetings, once a week for 60 minutes each. Mentors will attend bi-weekly throughout the program for a total of 8 meetings.

Final Demo Day: Final date (announced soon)

Program Capacity: 15 mentees

Eligibility: Minimum of 1-year VR/AR experience (does not need to be paid or professional experience) and a laptop that meets the minimum performance requirement (specs here)

Deliverable: A VR/AR project to be presented at Demo Day

Program Outcome: Enhanced VR/AR skills, an expanded professional network, and a completed VR/AR project. Note: Job placement is not guaranteed.

Eligibility Requirements

We’re seeking ambitious and visionary individuals based in Africa, ready to explore the limitless potentials of VR/AR technologies. To be considered for this program, you should have at least one year of hands-on experience in VR or AR (does not need to be paid or professional experience) and be able to provide a portfolio demonstrating your project work in these areas. Importantly, you must possess a laptop with the minimum power requirements (see specs), as many of our interactive sessions and development work will require a computer with comparable power. You should also have conversational proficiency in English.

Program Overview

Embark on a transformative three-month journey of learning, collaboration, and growth. As a mentee, you’ll have two primary responsibilities. Firstly, you will commit to attending weekly team meetings for an hour-long session, spanning over a course of three months. During these interactive sessions, you will work intimately with your team to create a compelling Virtual Reality (VR) experience. This program is designed with your convenience in mind, and the projects and meetings can comfortably coexist with your regular work schedule.

Additionally, you’ll benefit immensely from the enriched guidance and mentorship offered by seasoned industry professionals. Every other week, these mentors will join your team meetings, offering their expert insights, addressing your technical challenges, and helping you better understand the industry’s demands. This mentorship isn’t limited to just these meetings – there will be introductory sessions and workshops that you can attend, allowing for an even broader perspective and deeper learning experience. These resources come together to provide an immersive and supportive environment, accelerating your professional growth within the VR industry.

To encapsulate, your commitment to this program consists of a total of twelve (12) 1-hour team meetings over three months. In addition, up to eight (8) of these sessions will be augmented with the presence of an industry professional mentor. Apart from these, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet with your team and continue work projects, as they fit into your schedule. In total, expect a meaningful time commitment that works in tandem with your existing responsibilities, while paving the way for your growth in the VR industry.

Program Deliverables

The program is structured to foster real-world creative, technical and business skills and an innovative mindset. Each team will work collaboratively to create a unique VR/AR project, putting into practice the knowledge and skills gained during the program. The culmination of your hard work will be demonstrated on Demo Day—an opportunity for you to present your projects to a panel of esteemed XR industry professionals. You can showcase your transformation from early career visionary to a committed builder in the creative economy with a global network.

Program Expectations

The XRI Mentorship Program is a three-month immersive journey, meticulously designed to nurture your skills, creativity, and innovative thinking within the VR/AR industry. This unique experience goes beyond generalized training, fostering a deep understanding of the medium and the myriad opportunities it presents.

Through weekly team meetings, you’ll immerse yourself in a collaborative environment where key areas such as story development, understanding various platforms, and post-production are explored. You’ll engage with hardware and software tools, learn vital design principles, and have exposure to foundational programing of VR/AR experiences. Alongside these, the program underscores the importance of project management and the ethical considerations in VR/AR design.

In addition to technical and ethical proficiency, the program imparts essential knowledge on business and monetization strategies, preparing you to transform your VR/AR projects into successful products or businesses. Industry veterans will offer insights, ensuring you’re abreast of the latest trends and providing opportunities to network. By the end of this program, you’ll not only have a VR/AR project to present on Demo Day, but also a profound understanding of the dynamic VR/AR landscape, ready to seize the opportunities it presents.

Apply Today

Application to the VR/AR Mentorship Program is straightforward. Submit your portfolio showcasing your VR/AR projects along with any other relevant documents that support your experience and skills in the field. All applications will be carefully reviewed by a panel of industry experts, with participants selected based on their demonstrated abilities, commitment to the space and passion for VR/AR.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the XRI Mentorship Program Africa?

The XRI Mentorship Program Africa is a 12-week program designed to nurture up-and-coming African creators in the VR and AR industry, helping them enhance their skills, receive industry guidance, and create a VR/AR project.

Who can apply to the program?

Applicants should be based in Africa, have a minimum of 1-year VR/AR experience, possess a laptop capable of running VRChat, and have conversational proficiency in English. A portfolio demonstrating their VR/AR project work is also required.

What is the application deadline?

The application deadline for the program will be announced soon.

When will I know if I am selected for the program?

Two to three weeks following the application deadline.

What is the meeting schedule?

There will be 12 total team meetings, once a week for 60 minutes each. Mentors will attend bi-weekly throughout the program for a total of 8 meetings.

How many participants are accepted into the program?

The program capacity is 15 mentees.

What is the final deliverable of the program?

The final deliverable is a VR/AR project which will be presented on Demo Day at the end of the program.

What are the expected outcomes of the program?

The program is designed to enhance participants’ VR/AR skills, expand their professional network, and provide them with a completed VR/AR project. However, job placement is not guaranteed.

How are mentors involved in the program?

Mentors, who are experienced industry professionals, will provide guidance and insights in bi-weekly team meetings. They will also offer introductory sessions and workshops throughout the program.

What happens on Demo Day?

Demo Day, which takes place at the end of the program, is when mentees present their completed VR/AR projects to a panel of esteemed XR industry professionals.